Learning and Development

How many businesses when asked about training think it’s expensive and something that will take employees away from their work? If you think this, then you are doing your people a huge disservice.

Complaint reduction and handling need commitment and buy-in from all, not just high-level commentary.

Modern mobile devices are a tool, but whilst they are referred to as ‘Smartphones’, recent research shows that actually using them to make phone calls does not even make the top 10 lists of the most common uses!

Mobile devices offer a world of knowledge to their users, and it’s at their fingertips all the time. It is no surprise, therefore, that mobile learning is on the rise.

13 more courses have been added to our ever-expanding course catalogue this month.

Most professionals will be familiar with the term, "this function must be completed by a competent person", but what does 'competent' mean and how can an individual's competence be established?

Training should not be a ‘one size fits all’ process. Each firm will have areas of competence and areas for development, and each member of staff will respond to different learning styles.

Developing a robust training plan, which considers the needs of both the firm and the individual, is a key step in meeting T&C needs.

How can you create key points of differentiation for your firm, which are truly valued by your customers?

Knowledge exchange is a powerful tool that should be in any business leader’s skill set.

If you would like to learn more about effective e-Learning, visit the Digital Festival and put My Development Zone to the test.

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