Learning and Development

All of us will have had some sort of performance management interview during our career where we are asked to set ourselves goals or targets for the future. Skills development can be difficult to define. We look at why being specific about learning needs and becoming an ‘intentional learner’ is important. 

What’s the difference between a Training and Competence Plan and a CPD record? We take a look at how T&C Plans can be used as a living document to guide training and development.

Every trade, industry or profession has its own set of buzzwords and jargon that will often appear on a regular cycle and be presented as ‘the next big thing’.  What is ‘microlearning’ and how can it be deployed effectively?

To make effective use of CPD, you need to identify what you need to learn, source the relevant information to meet the learning need and then work through it. You must then reflect on what you have learnt and apply it in practice. Tim Smith explains how the Development Zone supports this process.

Learning Management Systems such as the Development Zone contain a range of tools that track learner progress. If a learner is not making the expected progress this does not necessarily mean they are lazy – there may be deeper issues to address. How can we use this management information constructively to help learners develop?

Many of us have now been working from home for a year. Arguably this has put pressure on employees to be seen to be present and busy and willing to take on additional tasks. Tim Smith explores the fallacy of ‘multi-tasking’ and why effective time management is key to productivity.

Tim Smith explores the importance of promoting the use of effective learning materials. This means that on top of the roles of technical author, content designer and assessor, L&D providers also need to embrace the role of marketing professional.

The entrepreneurial spirit and innovation can often be difficult to build them in to existing company structures. Tim Smith looks at how businesses can support staff to think outside the box and try out new ideas.

We learn by example. Tim Smith explains why utilising real-life examples, case studies or illustrations is an effective and engaging way to present learning material.

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