Learning and Development

Insurance firms must evaluate their training to analyse the success of training programmes. This includes two key areas: training outcomes, which measure desired results, and training effectiveness, which monitors engagement and learning progress. In this article, we explain how firms can measure the success of training programmes.

Introducing inclusive hiring practices is a good first step to creating a diverse workforce. But how can businesses ensure they create a culture of inclusivity that builds trust, provides employees with a sense of belonging, and helps to retain diverse talent?

For senior management in the insurance sector, promoting and investing in upskilling should be a top priority. It is vital to make learning and development an integral part of the company culture, prioritised by leaders and consistently communicated as a key value.

The insurance industry is facing several challenges and changes that require a highly skilled workforce. By investing in their employees' learning and development insurance firms can remain competitive. In this article we offer 5 benefits to upskilling employees.

Cyber-attacks have been increasing in frequency, scale, and sophistication in recent years, in turn creating an increase in demand for cyber insurance. This article examines what the biggest threats are and looks at how firms can mitigate the risk of them affecting their business.

Aon's latest Global Market Insights Report suggests that remote working can make employees more susceptible to cyber-attacks and highlights the need for heightened cyber security measures. What steps can insurance companies take to safeguard their remote workforce from cyber threats?

Training has already come a long way in recent years, but how is the shift in focus to consumer outcomes, under the new Consumer Duty, likely to affect learning and development going forward?

Following feedback from our users, we’re updating the way course completions are recognised on the new Development Zone platform.

Apprenticeships in the insurance industry have emerged to attract, train, and retain the next generation of insurance professionals. With 78% of employers reporting that apprenticeships improved their productivity, how can an apprenticeship programme benefit your firm?

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