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If you’re a business leader I’m sure that you’ve already started to make some connections between my running journey and the growing pains of your success. Chances are that at some point you’ve sat back and consciously thought ‘we can do better (or need to do better) but something has to change’. That’s the problem, change is hard and the ’too difficult’ box looms large. Change is inevitable and if you don’t continue to move forward you can be sure your customers will.

For the past six months or so, I have been periodically bringing my dog into the workplace. 

Learning is innate - we learn all of the time and our development does not have to be just professional, it can also be personal.

Having been a winner himself in 2014, RWA CEO Tom Wood has been invited to join the judging panel for the second year to help select the next winner of the Leadership for the Future category at the Leading Wales Awards 2016 in Cardiff, South Wales. 

Compliance and business consultancy firm RWA has acquired Hansen Young Consulting (HYC) to boost its rising business growth support services in the financial services sector. HYC MD, Andrew Linnell, has joined the RWA team within their business growth and strategy support division.

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