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With high streets beginning to reopen following months of lockdown, many brokers will be either preparing to reopen or readying themselves for an increase in footfall. What are the practical considerations surrounding the return to high street trading?

The ICO has issued guidance in relation to the collection of additional personal information as part of the process of providing a safe environment for staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amy Foster explains what this means for employers.

As the coronavirus lockdown is gradually lifted, many workplaces are beginning to re-open. Jessica Capper looks at some of the worries staff may be experiencing – and what employers can do to reassure them and ensure a safe return to the office.

John Miller draws on his personal experience as a runner to explain why having a defined purpose is so important to succeeding in business.

Videoconferencing has become the norm during the coronavirus pandemic – and with it a new etiquette is emerging. What should we think about when presenting ourselves positively in a virtual meeting?

The coronavirus pandemic has tested nearly all businesses on their ability to deal with the unexpected. Failure to be prepared can prove devastating to a business, which is why business continuity planning is so important.

What are the hidden dangers of working from home? Neil Templar looks at some tips on how we can work safely from home.

A consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that we must adapt how we work, but will this result in the big changes that some are predicting? Tom Wood explores some of the overlooked challenges the crisis has presented.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in remote and flexible working on a large scale. Is this the end of the traditional office – or are there benefits to office life that shouldn’t be overlooked? 

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