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In an ever-changing industry, skills that are important now may become outdated in the near future. Continuous learning equips employees with up to date skills and knowledge, competency in a job role and enables career development.

With the FCA publishing a reminder for consumers to be aware of fraud over the summer holidays, we examine how the use of AI is being used to detect cases of insurance fraud.

The UK government has set out plans to ban cold calls for financial products and services.

Workplaces with healthy cultures are shown to have positive effects on employees, such as increased job satisfaction and wellbeing. Organisational cultures also tie in with the Consumer Duty; integral business practices lead to fair treatment and good outcomes for consumers.

We spend a significant amount of our time with colleagues at work. Some may prefer to separate personal relationships from work, but this can cause isolation. Having friends at work has many positives, such as improved well-being and productivity.

Successful businesses are driven by leaders who inspire and guide their teams toward a common goal. This article presents practical ways to develop yourself into a successful leader.

Accountability is not just about ‘being responsible’. It also means taking ownership of your role and behaviour in the workplace and acknowledging that your actions have consequences. Without accountability, a business cannot function.

According to Howden's cyber report, “the Cyber insurance market has the potential to scale to rival the size of other major P&C lines and the size of the market could reach £38 billion by 2030”. This comes as the same report shows an increase of nearly 50% in ransomware attacks so far in 2023.

Remote working may have had an overall positive impact on how we work, but it also has its drawbacks. Workers can feel isolated and alone, often finding it difficult to stay connected with their colleagues. This article looks at ways to keep in touch with colleagues that will also help to improve wellbeing.

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