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For several decades we have been aware of the impact we are having on our planet but until fairly recently, very little has been done to combat climate change. What role does the insurance industry have in the fight for a greener future? 

Ensuring that compliance is embedded into an organisation’s structure is vital to determining a business’ success. But how can businesses ensure that they are cultivating the right culture in the workplace?

Zoom fatigue is an increasingly common issue for many of us. In an age of flexible work arrangements, businesses must work hard to safeguard the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Could the introduction of ‘Zoom-free’ days be the key reduce the stress caused by back-to-back virtual meetings?

The FCA requirements for managing client expectations are well summarised in its 11 Principles for Businesses. RWA’s Kirk Ford examines how a firm’s obligations to its customers can be improved based on these principles.

Now that staff are getting settled back into work, attention now shifts to plans for improving office spaces. How likely are systems like hot-desking going to benefit businesses in the long-term?

As lockdown eases over the next few months, businesses are starting to think about alternative ways to structure work communications in the longer term. Can the hybrid model provide a solution for the future of office working?

As we approach another possible month of lockdown, it is clear that the novelty of remote working has worn very thin. Why has it become so difficult to keep a clear distance between the working and personal life?

Even though the FCA have extended the SM&CR deadline, it is clear that firms should use the extension to ensure they can meet all the required elements. Find out how RWA can help guide firms through this changing regulatory landscape.

Many people use simple and easy-to-use passwords out of convenience. In doing so, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals. What are the most commonly used passwords still in use, and how can you take steps to ensure yours does not become the next target?

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