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Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have adapted how they work and video calls have become the norm. This article looks at how to avoid the pitfalls of video conferencing and maintain engagement with your audience.

Having returned to office life following the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, some employees may have felt out of place in previously familiar settings. What can be done to ease back into office life?

With various social media platforms offline for hours this week, it’s important to remember that cyber issues can impact businesses of all sizes. What can a business do to protect its systems?

Are your complaints handling procedures up to date and in line with the FCA’s expectations? Kirk Ford outlines what firms need to consider.

An increased reliance on technology during the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the problem of digital exclusion. What impact could this have on vulnerable customers?

How can we reduce groupthink and make better and more inclusive decisions?

How much has the coronavirus pandemic affected our technology habits in the long-term? We examine what benefits this can have.

It is more important than ever that firms are protecting themselves against cybercrime and training their staff appropriately – but are they doing so?

Learning the lessons of past projects can be crucial to the success of future projects. In this article, we look at why lessons learnt reviews are a useful tool.

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