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Allowing a problem to go unresolved can be costly. This article explores how seemingly small decisions – or lack of them - can have big consequences in the future.

Leadership is often associated with extroversion, but is that always the case? This article examines this misconception and highlights how introverts can be equally successful in leadership roles.

Following the recent speech from the FCA’s Sheree Howard, how can firms establish healthy workplace cultures that are built on a culture of “fearlessness, not fear”?

In this article, Chloe Morris discusses the recent webinar hosted by the FCA and PRA and examines how improving diversity and inclusion measures can reduce groupthink in the workplace.

Being able to innovate is essential to the success and growth of any organisation. If a business is not forward-thinking, it is less likely to adapt to changes in the market, mitigate risks, and develop in keeping with the needs of its customers.

The news surrounding the recent Covid inquiry in which offensive WhatsApp messages were shared between key figures in government is a timely reminder for all of us to think twice about what we share on messaging apps and on social media.

The FCA’s Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer, Jessica Rusu, recently delivered a speech on the benefits, risks, and governance of artificial intelligence in financial services. 

A recent speech from the FCA’s Nikhil Rathi has highlighted the importance of extending financial inclusion as well as what trends in the industry could provide the solution.  

When was the last time you wanted to complain, but didn’t? This article discusses why raising a complaint can be an exercise in problem-solving for businesses wanting to improve consumer outcomes.

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