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Soft skills are becoming a valuable quality when recruiting new talent to the workplace. This article examines how developing soft skills can be beneficial for firms and employees.  

With news of more businesses requiring employees to return to the office, we examine what employers can do to improve employee retention and overall job satisfaction.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has reported a slight decline in the number of insurance scams being committed, however, it has warned that the value of insurance fraud has increased as criminals become more ambitious.

Recent research has found that more consumers prefer to fix broken or damaged items instead of replacing them. This article examines the findings and what this means for more sustainable practices in insurance.

Constructive feedback is one of the best tools managers and team leaders can provide to their staff. When given effectively, feedback can drive individual and business success.

As a leader, building the right team is crucial for success. Whether it's a project team or an operational team, understanding your team's strengths and weaknesses can set the limits of achievement.

With the school summer holidays drawing to a close and a bank holiday on the horizon, we remind firms to remain vigilant for cyber risks that could impact business operations.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are the last places most of us would look to seek personal financial advice. However, the FCA has been observing a rise in the popularity of "finfluencers" promoting financial products and services and how it may pose as a potential risk for consumer harm. 

While behavioural biases may be good for marketing and selling products and services, they can easily be exploited. Firms are expected to recognise the potential harms that behavioural biases can present for consumers and put their needs first.

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