When was the last time you wanted to complain, but didn’t? The stereotype that the British are reluctant to complain is backed up by recent research commissioned by the FCA.

Kirk Ford provides an overview of the different approaches to regulation.

Robin Wood follows up his recent article with further debate on fair analysis.

The FCA has been considering the potential outcomes of the Brexit negotiations and has proposed amendments to its Handbook.

Terence Clark provides guidance on the exact wording required for an FCA authorisation statement.

Robin Wood reflects upon a year of change and collates a list of the pertinent rules, regulations and legislation an insurance broker has to think about as we approach 2019.

How should a broker go about conducting a fair analysis?

Cybersecurity is a key issue for the FCA and they will expect you have carried out the necessary work to keep your customers' data secure.

Is dealing with Ancillary Insurance Intermediaries (AIIs) causing confusion?

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