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A consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that we must adapt how we work, but will this result in the big changes that some are predicting? Tom Wood explores some of the overlooked challenges the crisis has presented.

It has been brought to our attention at RWA that several of our clients have received emails purportedly from the FCA asking them to complete a compliance questionnaire by 28 May 2020. This has been confirmed as a scam by the FCA.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in remote and flexible working on a large scale. Is this the end of the traditional office – or are there benefits to office life that shouldn’t be overlooked? 

Redundancy can be a scary word in the world of business, and employers who do not adhere to proper procedures run the risk of receiving an unfair dismissal claim. Amy Foster explains how to deal with redundancies of fewer than 20 employees.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges for all businesses, including insurance brokers. Atul Patel looks at financial vulnerability and what brokers can do to navigate these difficult times.

What are the characteristics of good crisis leadership? John Miller looks at the skills needed to lead effectively during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many employers may be considering how to put in place procedures for a gradual return to the office. This article looks at how to create an environment in which staff and visitors can feel safe, in line with government guidance.

The FCA has laid out how firms should handle complaints during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working from home can sometimes be an uphill battle, particularly with childcare and other pressures to balance. Amy Foster explains why employers should show understanding through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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