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The FCA’s consultation into general insurance pricing practices has now closed. Based on feedback received, the regulator will extend the implementation period should new rules be introduced.

Every trade, industry or profession has its own set of buzzwords and jargon that will often appear on a regular cycle and be presented as ‘the next big thing’.  What is ‘microlearning’ and how can it be deployed effectively?

Carol Jenkins provides an overview of the areas that insurance brokers need to think about when compiling a wind-down plan.

To make effective use of CPD, you need to identify what you need to learn, source the relevant information to meet the learning need and then work through it. You must then reflect on what you have learnt and apply it in practice. Tim Smith explains how the Development Zone supports this process.

Laura Findlay explains why having a good night’s sleep can improve productivity in the workplace and can improve employees’ mental health. What steps can employers take to let their staff ‘switch off’?

Learning Management Systems such as the Development Zone contain a range of tools that track learner progress. If a learner is not making the expected progress this does not necessarily mean they are lazy – there may be deeper issues to address. How can we use this management information constructively to help learners develop?

Financial resilience surveys published by the FCA indicate that firms have experienced a significant decrease in liquidity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Kirk Ford explains why it is important for firms to have a wind-down plan in case they need to make an orderly departure from the market.

Employers may be predicting a sharp increase in employee requests for flexible working arrangements. Laura Findlay examines the benefits and barriers.

The reformed IR35 rules are set to be extended to the private sector next month. What are the changes and what does it mean for employed or self-employed workers in the industry?

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