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Over recent years, culture has become fundamental to the FCA’s regulatory approach. Where senior managers embody a responsible, compliant culture, better behaviours and better outcomes are encouraged – but what does this look like in practice?

An estimated 20% of the UK working-age population has some form of disability or long-term health condition. By not providing accessible employment opportunities, businesses could be missing out on high quality applicants with a diverse range of skills and experience. 

An increasing reliance on digital communication during Covid-19 has damaged people’s confidence, resulting in socially awkward situations for many of us – including insurance brokers. How can we re-learn social skills?

For several decades we have been aware of the impact we are having on our planet but until fairly recently, very little has been done to combat climate change. What role does the insurance industry have in the fight for a greener future? 

The FCA has published its long awaited General Insurance Pricing Practices Policy Statement, all 200+ pages of it. It represents one of the biggest regulatory changes in years. John King explains what this means for insurance brokers.

A significant upcoming change to the prevention of illegal working regime comes at the end of the EU settlement scheme transition period on 30 June 2021. The Team at IHRS have produced an HR compliance guide for employers.

The concept of “survival of the fittest” is well-established in the animal kingdom, but it can also be applied to the equally competitive world of commerce.  What lessons can our feline friends give us that can help us develop our own skills?

Senior Graphic designer Hazel O’Neill talks about the challenges new parents face on returning to work from maternity leave in a pandemic.

Significant steps have been made to address diversity, equality, and inclusion within the insurance industry with more businesses signing up to the UK government’s Race at Work Charter, yet there is still a way to go. Laura Findlay examines what businesses can do to improve equality and opportunity in the workplace.

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