About UKGI and RWA

For over 20 years, UKGI and RWA have been at the forefront of compliance consultancy and training solutions in the UK general insurance sector. In that time, we have both worked with hundreds of insurance intermediaries and professionals to help them with their regulatory and training needs.

In 2020, UKGI and RWA were both acquired to form the start of the UKGI Group, with a vision to build on our strengths for the next 20 years. Since the formation of the Group, we have already seen the insurance sector change significantly with new challenges that are impacting how we all do business in a post-covid world.

We have found that competing against each other in the insurance market is no longer making sense for us, our trading partners, and for our clients.

This is why we have decided to bring these two businesses together. In doing so, we are creating an unrivalled compliance consultancy service where our clients now get the best of both market leaders, with access to a wider choice of support, services and expertise. Our people also get the opportunity to work alongside each other, sharing their knowledge and experience to deliver compliance solutions that make a real difference to our relationships. 

We have formed two market leading services, UKGI Compliance and UKGI Learning Solutions, the latter blending The Development Zone e-Learning platform and Searchlight Insurance Training. 


UKGI Services and Sectors

Over the last 20 + years, RWA and UKGI have revolutionised the compliance consultancy and training delivery market, leading the way with scalable, affordable and high quality solutions for our clients. What makes us the choice for so many is the people in our teams who focus on service delivery, client relationships, technical knowledge and developing innovative solutions. Bringing them together is great for them and exciting for our clients as we continue to build for the future.

Nikki Bennett, Managing Director

After 14 years helping build RWA from the ground up, I have been fortunate these last 3 years to get to know the UKGI business and its people as part of this harmonisation process. As competitors, we have always admired each other’s capabilities and our mutual focus on doing what’s right for the customer. Bringing all of these great minds and services together opens up so many opportunities to help our clients overcome their own challenges, meaning they can focus on continuing to grow their own businesses.

Tom Wood, Head of Commercial

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