Kate Foreman elected as Chairman of RWA.

RWA is delighted to announce that its Director of People & Learning, Kate Foreman, has been appointed to the position of Chairman, taking over the role from Compliance Director, Terence Clark, on 9 May 2018.

Kate is one of the founders of RWA and has worked for the company for over 25 years. Having previously worked within the financial services sector, including major general insurers and the Lloyd’s underwriting and broking market, Kate brings a wealth of experience to the role along with the ability to develop and implement practical, business-led solutions.

Commenting on the appointment, Kate said: “I’m delighted to be helping to steer the company into its next level of growth and look forward to exciting developments in the coming months, backed by a team that is at the top of its game.”

Terence Clark went on to say: “I have greatly enjoyed my 3 years as Chairman of RWA and working with Tom, Ash and the team to continue building the company has been a real pleasure. However, our client numbers have doubled and the two roles of Compliance Director and Chairman no longer fit into even eight days a week!

"I am so pleased that Kate succeeds me, by unanimous agreement of directors and shareholders of RWA, as not only will this allow me to make sure that our 1000+ clients continue to receive the best compliance service in the market but it also allows me to continue my part-time role as chairman of the APCC.”

About the author

Peter is an award winning marketing professional who has worked for some well known brands within Wales and England. He is a forward thinking marketer, who is always looking to enhance the customer journey and experience as well as to attract new clients to the company through innovative and value added strategies.

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