New courses available on the Development Zone

We are excited to announce we have added new courses to the Development Zone course catalogue this month, including a fantastic new GDPR Advanced Pathway.

Our new courses are:

  • Back Pain in the Workplace Pathway
    • Back Pain in the Workplace - A Guide for Employers
    • Back Pain in the Workplace - A Guide for Workers
  • GDPR Advanced Pathway
  1. Data Protection in the UK
  2. GDPR – An Introduction
  3. Data Protection - The Principles
  4. Data Protection – Lawful Bases to Process
  5. Data Protection – Individual Rights
  6. Privacy Notices
  7. Personal Data Breaches
  8. Data Protection Officers
  9. GDPR – International Transfers
  10. Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Food Hygiene - Contamination and Food Waste
  • Food Hygiene - Food Safety Management Procedures
  • Food Hygiene - Movable and Temporary Premises
  • Food Hygiene - Personal Hygiene
  • Food Hygiene - Preparation, Treatment and Processing Rooms
  • Food Hygiene - Temperature
  • Food Hygiene - The Four Cs
  • Food Hygiene - The Premises
  • Food Hygiene - Transport and Equipment
  • Reflective Skills Pathway
    • Reflective Skills 1 - The Reflective Process
    • Reflective Skills 2 - Jack's First Week in Work
    • Reflective Skills 3 - Taking Ownership of Your Success
    • Reflective Skills 4 - Reflection and Personal Development

We have over 480 business skills courses on My Development Zone and over 680 business skills and insurance courses on the Aviva Development Zone.

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Would you like to see a specific course on the Development Zone?

If there’s a topic you would like to cover in our course catalogue, please let us know. Our Design and Content team would love to hear from you to discuss this further. Relevant content and ideas may be turned into course material, or alternatively, we can help you upload your own content using the Custom Content feature on the platform.


About the author

An award-winning advertising graduate, Hazel started at RWA in 2013 as an e-Learning Assistant with a background in design and advertising.

As Senior e-Learning Designer, she uses Articulate  Storyline software to create engaging e-learning content, including bespoke courses for a variety of clients and insurance-based courses for our large insurance clientele. Hazel creates RWA’s eye-catching marketing material.

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