Are these the seven most expensive words in business?

When I was asked to speak at the recent Compass Network conference at Whittlebury Hall, I thought at great length about a subject that would be both relevant and appealing to every delegate.

My role at RWA is to lead the business consultancy division, RWA Solutions, which helps brokers adapt to change and make the important decisions that lead to a positive difference for them.

I took the decision to focus my presentation upon change, and more importantly, what I believe to be the 7 most expensive words in business: 

‘We have always done it that way’

Getting your business changes wrong can have a significant impact on your business. We have always done it that way implies that there has never been anything wrong with your approach to change management in the past, but how can you possibly know if you have not considered alternatives? Have you factored in the implications of getting it wrong? What does real success actually look like?

World events and those closer to home illustrate the point that change is inevitable, both on a macro and micro scale, but how you manage change in your business is up to you.

In our experience, many businesses find change difficult to manage, as it creates uncertainty and takes a great deal of dedicated management time and effort if the outcome is to be successful one.

Consequently, most business changes are reactive, rushed and not planned sufficiently. Whatever changes you are considering, my general advice is:

  • Have a plan
  • Get the facts
  • Manage the risks
  • Communicate to those affected
  • Be prepared that it will take longer than you think

At RWA Solutions we work with a wide range of insurance brokers and can really help you make a positive difference to your business. If this is relevant to you don’t hesitate to get in contact for an initial confidential conversation.

M: 07398 767381

About the author

John has more than 30 years' experience in the world of general insurance, working for some of the largest UK brands including General Accident, CGU, Norwich Union and Aviva. He has a held a variety of senior roles in both trading and head office functions spanning underwriting, sales management, business development, propositions, marketing, electronic trading and acquisitions.  

At RWA John has responsibility for developing the business in London in addition to managing the relationship with several key clients. 

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