RWA joins trade mission to better understand the opportunities available to UK businesses in cross-border trade.

G… D… P… R… Four letters that are nigh-on guaranteed to elicit a wide range of responses, depending upon the state of readiness of an organisation.

However, while much focus has been applied to fines, what may not have been considered are the potential commercial losses should data protection preparations not meet stakeholder requirements.

How customising your e-Learning content improves customer outcomes.

RWA’s Development Zone platform was shortlisted for the ‘Best Use of Formative Assessment’ award in recognition of its groundbreaking gap analysis assessment model.

How much access does a regulator have to a firm’s internal investigation into potential wrongdoing?

Consumer knowledge regarding personal data is increasing all of the time, and as customers become more 'savvy' about their data, privacy and GDPR as a whole, many brokers risk severe issues by not having suitable policies and procedures in place.


Affordability checks and creditworthiness - what is the insurance broker's role?

There are 15 more courses added to our ever-growing course catalogue this month.

“A profitable broker is not a marker of quality, but a quality broker will always be profitable.” Anon

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