Trade & Export

David Millett looks at a significant week in Parliament in determining the course of Brexit and the major uncertainties that are likely to remain.

At a time of such noise and conflicting ‘truths’ about Brexit, what can we reasonably say? 

As one year morphs into another, it is a good time to reflect on a changing trade landscape, but possibly wise to avoid the temptation to make predictions!

The US Dollar (USD) as the key reserve currency – should we doubt it?

The escalating tensions between the US and China have now been described as a ‘Trade War’.

What’s going on with the complex issue of tariff uncertainties?

This month's Trade & Export Online article focuses on the announcements which are regularly filtering through regarding the latest escalation in protectionist rhetoric and action, including news of a US tariff on $50 billion dollars’ worth of Chinese goods.

Looking at the funding requirements of a small business from a more all-encompassing viewpoint.

As businesses review post Brexit scenarios one of the questions that arises is whether they should seek to become an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

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