The second issue we want to raise concerns online and non-face to face business where gathering information will be much more difficult if a fair presentation is to be made.

The duty of an insurance broker to help the client settle a claim: There are a number of issues under this heading but one of the key worries is that there is a duty to help a client settle a claim and it is clear that in a vast number of cases, currently the client deals direct with the insurer throughout all aspects and steps of the claim and the insurance broker is only advised when the claim is settled.

Will Greenwood, Pen Underwriting’s Brand Ambassador, talks about the importance of Planning, Peripheral Vision and The Team when trying to achieve success. How small, continual improvements - sometimes even just 1% at a time - across all critical factors can turn a good team into a great team, and in the case of England’s 2003 Rugby squad, a World Cup winning team.

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