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Appearances and first impressions can play a big role in the workplace. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable or judged on appearances, but thinking about how you present yourself to others may be useful in understanding how they perceive you – and why.

Some people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate. How can we maintain good relationships with colleagues, without blurring professional and personal boundaries?

Every director has a legal duty towards the company and cannot be excused of the responsibilities of the role. Here we look at a director’s duties and why ignorance is not an excuse.

Becoming a director is a major responsibility so it’s important for anyone taking on the position to be prepared for the demands and accountabilities of the role. How can firms prepare an effective induction process for directors?

The online world plays a big part in both our personal and professional lives, but the growth of cybercrime can pose a serious threat. Here are the basics of online safety…

What are Shareholders’ Agreements and what is their purpose?

The 23rd Annual Global CEO survey from PwC was launched yesterday, indicating a record level of pessimism from CEOs around the world. This is in stark contrast to 2018, when there was record level of optimism. What can we learn from this?

It can sometimes be hard to manage customer expectations against what you can actually deliver. How can customer expectations be managed effectively to achieve positive outcomes?

All companies are exposed to risk from time to time and it is an important part of business and can lead to growth. How can good corporate governance be used to manage risk?

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