Aviva Development Zone

CPD (Continuous Professional Development) the dreaded, essential and inconvenient truth of working in a profession. There is a very important element that is overlooked in the sentiment above – ownership.

One of the most important factors when becoming a more effective learner is identifying the learning style that suits you best.

A business that has unmotivated staff will soon see the negative impact this has on their performance.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but some developers and businesses can often lose sight of the obvious in their rush to add sparkly gimmicks to their sites.

This is a new 32 module course aimed at those new to the industry or those that want a refresher about what it means to be part of the insurance broking profession.

Without reflection, meaningful development can be hard to achieve.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to be welcomed into businesses as a trusted coach, consultant and facilitator of learning interventions and process optimisation.

We have launched 13 new Cyber Risks modules on My Development Zone which have been produced with Aviva.

As the Development Zone ecosystem and community continues to grow, it is important to us that we engage and provide more value to our learners and the businesses using Development Zone.

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