RWA Solutions approached 300 of those firms with an anonymous 20 question survey and almost exactly 25% responded.

We are aware of some brokers who have recently been affected by this. If you are unaware of ransomware or what your options are, then this could become a very expensive experience; consider the time in lost man hours where staff are unable to work, and loss of business because you are unable to access your systems for quotations and the like.

I thought the title might encourage you to read on! By the time you have read this, the last option may seem to be the most appealing…

Who has heard of the PSC? I hadn’t until yet another email popped up on my screen.

The simple rule is that if you hold yourself out to be a specialist and if anyone relies on your advice or guidance and in doing so suffers financial loss, then you might be liable. This is even if you are acting as a private individual and not as an employee of your own Insurance Brokerage.

Will Greenwood, Pen Underwriting’s Brand Ambassador, talks about the importance of Planning, Peripheral Vision and The Team when trying to achieve success. How small, continual improvements - sometimes even just 1% at a time - across all critical factors can turn a good team into a great team, and in the case of England’s 2003 Rugby squad, a World Cup winning team.

We are all familiar with the need to carry out annual checks, but recently, we have had a number of queries regarding the scope of these, particularly with regard to Non Executive Directors.

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