RWA Director, Ian Ritchie, briefly outlines the implications of failing to properly disclose last year’s renewal premium on renewal documents.

It must be, oh, at least 4 weeks since we last mentioned Cyber in ‘Insight’.

Read on, as someone else is now taking an interest...

Bruce Fayle, audit and conduct risk manager at RWA, highlights the importance of ensuring clients not only receive the necessary paperwork and documentation, but that you are able to adduce evidence that records them as having understood it.

Robin Wood presents RWA's latest white paper, which contains the findings of the recent RWA IDD survey - a must read for every insurance broker.

Kate Foreman and Robin Wood of RWA, review the 5 golden rules of HR in a regulated environment.

Does your firm have a Business Continuity Plan in place, that adequately addresses ICT issues? If so, when was the last time that it was tested?

In this modern digital age, everybody seems to have access to information about everybody else, so it pays to ensure that what is in the public domain about you is accurate and current, so be vigilant because if you see something and it worries you, it will also worry the Regulator.

In light of the recent ransomware cyber attacks, Terence Clark provides an overview of the key topics each firm must consider in order to get to grips with their cyber risks.

‘It’ll never happen to me; I’ve got nothing of interest that they would want…’

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