Insurance Brokers

A reminder to Compass brokers to register for attendance at one of the Masterclasses running during October and November.

With GDPR on the ever-nearing horizon, we all need to start thinking about our data, what we use it for, and how useful it really is.

It has been drawn to our attention that fake emails are being circulated, which appear to be from the FCA. Here's what you need to know...

Terence Clark, chairman at RWA, highlights the upcoming changes to card charges, following the implementation of the EU Payment Services Directive.

How can you create key points of differentiation for your firm, which are truly valued by your customers?

What are ‘standards of behaviour’, why are they important, and how can they be assessed?

The induction process for new employees is a critical step on the route to competence. Does your induction process make the grade?

Book your place at Live & Local 2017

Planning for your retirement gives you control. Planning the sale of your business helps you get the best value for it. Leave it to the last minute and it might just be left up to chance...

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