Insurance Brokers

RWA Business Development Manager, Nicola Mathias, explains the role a robust Training & Competence scheme plays in meeting regulatory obligations. 

We have seen some parties claim that the IDD has been delayed, but this is not quite correct...

Terence Clark provides an overview of PS18/1 - the FCA's third Policy Statement setting out near-final rules for the implementation of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).

Wouldn't the title 'General Personal Data Protection Regulation' or GPDPR have been more appropriate, to help mitigate the common misconception that, “it won’t apply to me as we only have B2B data.”

Robin Wood reflects on the recent fines levied by the ICO against a professional firm which employed questionable methods to obtain information about an individual making a claim under a commercial insurance contract.

Terence Clark provides an overview of the FCA's latest consultation paper, CP18/03, which aims to give more small businesses access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Read RWA's SM&CR white paper, which provides a summary of the main elements of CP17/40.

The team at RWA has compiled its quarterly review of the Financial Conduct Authority's communication documents, covering the period from October - December 2017.

If you are an appointed person or are responsible for compliance, it is important that you scan through the review, to keep up to date with the latest FCA documentation.

John Miller, head of RWA Solutions, outlines the main topics that are being discussed in the London Market.


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