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The timeline for the FCA's move has been confirmed.

Firms need to establish definitive guidance about work processes so that ambiguity and confusion are eliminated.

Setting up compliance and training and a budgetary structure within a company can pose a number of problems.

Under IDD, everyone within the industry who sells, transacts or processes contracts in relation to the sale of insurance products will need to accrue a minimum number of CPD hours. Stu Rolls, director of e-Learning at RWA, outlines how the Aviva Development Zone can help you to both meet and record CPD activity requirements.

If someone in your company has a dialogue with a client by email, telephone or letter, would you know what was said or agreed?

May 25th not only saw the deadline for GDPR come and go, it also saw the launch of the new Data Protection Act 2018, which maps out how GDPR applies in the UK, Here is what you need to know.

The FCA has released its business plan for the coming year and within that document, there are some views on how it sees each sector that it regulates.

The timeline for the FCA's move has been confirmed.

A key requirement for maintaining competence is keeping up to date with market activity and thinking...

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